Monday, February 27, 2012


Since Dakota was with her Dad all weekend the house was quiet, and the weekend turned out to be pretty uneventful.

Saturday, Julie and I went to San Jose to go shopping. The first mall turned out to be pretty successful, except for the fact that we didn't find a pair of jeans. (one of the goals of our shopping trip) We headed to Santana Row and Valley Fair mall to finally find some pants at American Eagle. The rest of the day pretty much included, eating pizza rolls and watching a movie. I know..... so productive. :)

Sunday, was a little better. Me and Cody re-stained our front door first thing in the morning. Reminded me how much I hate sanding.....My arms were so sore and the saw dust was everywhere. Not to mention it was no where near warm out. Temperature was probably around the low 50's.  And since the front door was off it's hinges you can imagine how cold my house was... Not cool.
After we finished the door Half Ass we decided to be good pet owners and take Ziggy Wiggy to the dog park in Point Isabel. I LOVE that dog park! It's huge and has great views of the city and Golden Gate bridge.

Haha Ziggy kept getting "mounted"

To keep adding to my productivity I've decided to open an Etsy Shop . I'll be selling Handmade Jewelry. I can also be contacted at for custom orders :)

Happy Monday!!!


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