Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

<3Valentines Day 1991-2009: Thank you Mom and Dad for making sure I always got at least a card. =]
<3Valentines Day 2010: I was in Cape May, NJ in Coast Guard Basic training. Fun stuff there. (sarcasm)
<3Valentines Day 2011: I had just finished driving across the country and reported to my new job at Sector San Francisco for my first day.
<3Valentines Day 2012: My Boyfriend, Francisco, shared his idea of a perfect Valentine's Day with me as "taking the cheap route and breaking up with the girl for the day and then getting back together afterwards". Which is his perfect idea for every holiday. *eye roll*

As you can imagine I was not expecting much when I got home from work on Valentines Day. Lauren and I were hanging out, shopping at Micheal's for stuff to make her wreath's with when Francisco kept frantically texting me to "hurry up and come home". We joked about it on the way home, about how I was going to walk in the apartment and Francisco would be laying on the couch totally in the nude with a sign that says "Best Valentine's Gift Ever" or something tacky like that. Well....I get home, open the door and he's sitting on the couch. Fully clothed.

"What's up Babe?" I asked since I was told to rush home.
"Uh, Look down.."

He had a trail of pink rose pedals from the front door to the end of the hallway leading to the bathroom where he had a bath ready for me with a lit candle and more rose pedals in the water. It was so thoughtful considering, I had just gotten off duty from the night before and I just absolutely love taking long bath's. I feel like I never have that kind of time to relax. After drying off, I headed to the bedroom. He had a huge teddy bear holding a bouquet of red roses on the bed waiting for me. Francisco is about to be deployed for half a year with his ship, so a Teddy Bear was perfect to fill the void when he's gone. I named it "Number 2" since it is going to be my temporary boyfriend.

Thinking that was it, I headed towards the kitchen to see what I should cook for dinner. To my surprise, he had the table set with lit candles and plates of his specialty spaghetti (specialty, meaning it's the only thing he knows how to cook) All together, this was such a surprise, and I was completely impressed.

The next morning we packed up the truck and headed to Oregon to visit family for a week. It was such a well deserved vacation full of dancing, camping, and the cutest little niece and nephew in the world!!!! I hope you all had as an amazing Valentine's as I did.


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