Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Playlist

MomDot is at it again! In todays Blog Hop we are to share our music playlist. The goal is to show what music you won't let people know you secretly love. Other than Christian Gospel and Modern folk, everyone that knows me knows I could care less what I'm listening to. I get really tired of listening to the music in my playlists so I listen to Slacker Radio ALOT. I even pay the extra 4.99 a month to get unlimited skips. F*!@ Pandora!

So here it is  :)


  1. THE THONG SONG!! Oh my gosh, that brings back so many memories!! :)

  2. I like a ton of your music, but some I have never heard of..whats Buyou?


    1. Buyou is from Keri Hilsons, No boys Allowed album. It's a good workout song!

  3. Love your list! I especially love that you have Limp Bizkit on there!!

  4. My kids could probably sing along with any on your Most Played and I'd be scratching my head. But your '80s and '90s tunes I'd be there with ya. Final Countdown FTW!

  5. My favorite Alanis song is You Oughta Know!


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