Monday, March 11, 2013

It's Official

Well it's official..... we are moving to Seattle!!!! We are pretty excited, it was our 3rd pick. Of course San Diego was numero uno but we knew we weren't going to get that. Still Seattle is great! Never been before, but apparently I have family there. Babysitter? lol

We decided to buy a house, and it's becoming more of a pain in the ass than anything right now.... Every house we like gets bids in hours. We found a perfect house that turned out to have TONS of issues. The next house was BRAND NEW! How could anything be wrong with it, right?! Except for the 5 child molesters living directly next door. Not to mention all the theft and assault happening in the area..... Oh and not to mention the house that was 5 min from work and a school for Cody, that had been on the market 200 days! Of course as soon as we ask our realtor about it, it gets TWO offers the next morning... WTF?

Like I said, PAIN IN THE ASS! Oh well. Still looking of course. Found another house though. Let's see how this one turns out.... It's probably haunted....