Saturday, August 11, 2012

Smith Family Farms

Not that long ago, we took a day trip to Brentwood,CA to go to a U-Pick farm. None of us had ever been before, so we were really excited! It took us about an hour and a half to get there, and boy was it scorching!!!! When we left the house it was about a cool 75-78 degrees out in Pinole. It was 105 in brentwood with no shade! Needless to say we were sweating our badonkadonks off. To our part of the bay area 105 is like being in the sierra dessert. After about 10 minutes of complaining how hot it was, we grabbed our buckets from the lady under the ONLY shaded tree on the farm, and took off to pick our fruit. The downside about our trip was that we went close to the end of the season. So by now all the fruit still on the trees were slim picking and you needed to make sure they didn't have bugs on them.

Ready to go Pickin'!
Dakota picked a Pomegranate! 
Best part of the farms was that you could eat all you want while you pick!
Showing me her apricot....

After we were finished picking, we stopped at the farmers market stand out by the road. We got so much fresh fruit and veggies for $14!!  We will definitely going back next season. This time at the beginning!

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  1. That looks like it was really fun!!
    love, your biggest fan....



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