Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How can I stay mad at you??

Dakota is always going in my room. No matter how many times I say "NO" or she tells me she understands. There is something mystical about the privacy of my room. So as soon as we came home from work and daycare today I caught her leaving my room and closing the door. Just like nothing ever happened.

"Dakota, we don't go in Mommy's room without Mommy. You need to ask"

Dakota stomped her foot and looked away...  I tell her again and, this time i got TWO stomps and an arm crossing..... What a F*%@ing DIVA

So for the 498,927,023,845th time I told her how Mommy's room was off limits and that it was Naughty...

Still she looks at me with evil eyes like, "How dare you tell me not to go in there!"

All of a sudden, she walks down the 3-4 stairs in between us, gives her best sad, puppy dog eyes says, "I'm Sorry" and hold out her arms to give me a hug.

UGH she gets me every time.


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