Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pinterest will be the death of.. my bank account

So lately I've had this obsession with making a wreath. OK, not just one, but everyone I see on Pinterest, I just have to have!! I don't know what it is, but I've been so crafty these past few days. On one hand it's something to do and it makes my house look great. On the other, since I wasn't a huge crafter to begin with, I have to buy all the supplies to make this crap. Let me tell you it's not cheap.  I went to Michael's and looked in my cart before checking out.... I swear I had not even $20 worth of supplies in there.. Ya not the case ended up being about $50..FML!! Luckily the cashier gave me a coupon which took off about $5.

Hey $5 is $5. :)

At the end of the day I forgot about the money I had wasted spent at Michael's and gazed at my 2 wonderful new wreaths. In the long run I'm glad I did it, because they turned out beautiful.


This one is by far my favorite!!! It was hard to keep Dakota away from the crayons though :)

Dakota also had her own little craft session today. She made an Easter door hanger. Very proud of her. 

Have a Happy President's Day!!!!!

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  1. Great wreaths, especially love the crayon one. Tip for the bank account thinkg; check with thrift stores before you go to micheal's for craft items. lots of people ditch their old wreaths, material and etc there. you can always disassemble them and remake them into something you want.


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