Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Surprise

Honestly today didn't start off to well. Traffic was unusually horrible, Work was slow and boring, I had to call the IRS and they were not helpful. The only thing that was going OK today was the bagel I ate this morning from Noah's.

MMMMMMM Noah's!!! yummy. *wishes she had some*

I thought today was gonna be like normal. I would give Cody a Valentines day card and we would go about our day like usual. You see Cody isn't a hopeless romantic. He's the sweetest man ever, but buying flowers and cards are not his thing.

Well today ended up being different! Cody surprised me with chocolates and a makeup palette from my favorite store, Sephora. He also got Dakota a chocolate rose, and some candy. He reminded me why I love him so much. It's the little things that matter. I don't need flowers and cards, I just need him.

Hope you all had a WONDERFUL Valentines day! Cherish the time you have with your Love ones. Time together is all that matters.

(Me and Cody)


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