Saturday, March 3, 2012

Baby Fever

Yesterday, Dakota had her first friend come over the house. Up until now she's never had to share any of her own toys with other kids. She would always go over to their house to play. 

After work I picked up Dakota and her best friend Ryann. I was smart enough to bring both TV monitors in the car so they each had their own. On the way home Ryann's attention was pretty much glued to the movie playing. Dakota however could not stop talking. "Ryann this and Ryann that" was all I heard on the way home. Once inside Dakota wasted no time in showing Ryann her bedroom. There was a lot of babble only toddlers can understand on the way to her room. I love it when they talk to each other, its so cute!!

Dakota was telling me not to take a picture... to late! lol
Like I said before Dakota never had to share her toys before.... so naturally she was selfish when Ryann started playing with her toys.. She didn't like Ryann touching ANYTHING! Ryann would touch a toy and all you would hear from Dakota is "No, thats mine!!" It got to the point where Dakota was actually hiding her toys.. I couldn't help but laugh. What a little brat!

Dakota was upset that Ryann was playing with her camera.
She then hid her camera under all her blankets so Ryann couldn't play with it. 

Cody came home a tickled the girls :)
After a while and a couple tears (mainly from dakota) they started getting along more, chasing each other around the house with balloons in their hands. They colored for about 5 minutes until they wanted the same crayons.. then watched couple movies.

Here's a couple of their conversations:

In the car:
Dakota: "Look Mom. Look!"
Mommy: "I can't Dakota, Mommy's driving"
Dakota: "Look Mom!!"
Mommy: "Dakota, stop. I can't look right now."
Ryann: "It's ok Dakota, Just watch your movie on TV"

Ryann: "Come on Koda!"
Dakota (gathering up toys and a bowl of food: "IM COMING!!"
Ryann: "Ok"
Dakota (huffing): " FINE!!"

At dinner:
(dakota burps)
Ryann: "Whats that?"
Dakota: "I Don't know?!"
Ryann: "what was that?"
Dakota: "I burped just burped just me"
Ryann: "That was my Daddy"
Dakota: "No not your daddy just burped I burped. Princess.....*toddler babble*.... just me."

Also at dinner:
Mommy: "Dakota, use your fork"
Ryann: " Yea Dakota, use your fork like your mommy said."

Both playing on Dakotas kitchen:
Ryann and Dakota: "OH HOW CUTE!!!!!"

This was my first experience with two children to watch. Over all it was interesting and I still want another kid. Cody thinks I'm nuts. Maybe I am, but I can't help it!! hee hee

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