Saturday, March 24, 2012

A day in the rain.

It's raining outside in the Bay Area once again... Ops Normal this time of year. Dakota wanted to go see Dinosaurs which in her terminology means museum. How perfect for a rainy day!! There's this little "Museum" in Berkeley called Habitot. They describe themselves as Imaginative, one of a kind exhibits, just right for small hands, helping young children become curious, creative, and confident learners. Quite honestly they are all of the above. They truly are wonderful. Dakota always has fun and interacts with other children. At the same time learning cognitive skill sets.

I especially love when we go home because she passes out. MOMMY TIME!! YAY!!!

If you have children ages 2-7 and live in the Bay Area I highly recommend bringing your kids here.  :)

The current "Featured" exhibit is a NASA spaceship!!

"Houston, can you here me?"

"Blast off in 3, 2, 1"

I think some one needs a smaller helmet haha

Nice face!

She loves the train table.

Doing the art project of the day.

Pretty sure we left that beautiful piece of art work there.... darn..

Water Play!!

Had to wash the baby.

Washing a different baby this time

Another baby lol

Wind tunnel

So good at cleaning up!!

Almost knocked her over.

Shopping for dishes.

Hard to reach!
Love their little grocery store!!

On the way home. 

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  1. This museum looks like so much fun, I really should check out our one that we have here in Plymouth. x


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