Saturday, March 10, 2012

2 yr old Astronomer

Yesterday, before picking up Cody from the BART Station, I showed Dakota the beautiful night sky. It was truly amazing last night. So clear!! As we looked at the stars and I pointed out Orions' belt to her. "The three stars in a row. That's Orions' belt!"

She said, "That's my belt!! Not Ryanns' belt!!! (Ryan is her best friend that came over the other day)

But, low and behold she decided to share "Ryanns' belt" with me too:
"You can have the belt too Mom"

Maybe I should get her a telescope for her birthday. Ha ha

Ziggy on the other hand is also having his own moments.. He is sooo spoiled! We buy him the one of the most expensive food in store. It's all natural no grain dog food. Prissy shit.

Unlike any other dog in the world that acts like the "beggin' for bacon" commercial for food, this asshole looks at his food and I swear in his mind he's saying in his snooty English gentleman voice" I don't like that flavor,take it away"

Tough shit Ziggy!!


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