Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The BIG 4

My baby girl turned four today. It's crazy how fast time flies when you have a child. I remember her learning how to crawl and walk like it was yesterday. I remember her peach fuzz because she was a late bloomer on the hair front. I remember her skin rolls on her little arms and a time when her feet weren't stinky. When she was the sweetest little thing with a humongous appetite. Now she's growing up into the same sweet girl but with a big heart and and an even bigger personality. She frustrates me on a daily, which isn't hard given my lack of patience, but will turn around the next minute and tell me how beautiful her mommy is. She's a kind, caring individual with a hint of diva, and I couldn't be more proud to call her my daughter.

Happy Birthday Dakota Riley. Mommy loves you!

"My daughter how you're growing"

My daughter how you're growing
and changing every day;
Some day you'll be too busy
to dance, and sing, and play.
It seems like only yesterday
I rocked you in my arms;
and though a tiny baby
I was captured by your charms.
Then in the blinking of an eye
a toddler walked to me,
Those days too are gone now
but oh, how can that be.
Now when I look at you
a little girl I see,
with grown up dreams and wishes
playing make-believe.
Too soon you will be all grown up,
but my pride will never end.
For I'll always be your mother and I hope your dearest friend.
 Author: unknown


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