Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Van Gough

I'm sure it's happened to most of us. We download a new app on our smart phones and it's so inciting that we can't put it down. I mean you are on that damn phone 24/7 feeding the kids and dog leftovers from god knows when, calling into work "sick" just so you can spend every last waking minute on your stupid phone. OK, maybe not that extreme... but you get my drift. Some of these apps are quite addicting. About a month ago, I downloaded Draw Something. My friend had told me about it and it seemed worth while. For me most game apps only have appeal that lasts a couple weeks and then I delete them or keep them and never open them. But this one had potential. I started off with the amateur colors blue, red ,black, and yellow. which was stupid, I mean how can you draw a damn tree with those colors. The world just isn't right!. Eventually I moved up and had every color you can earn in the game. Pro Status! If you don't have this game on your phone yet, you should download it. They have a free version. The upgraded version is only 99 cents (you get more words to draw). All in all it's a fun game, and just about any one can do it.

 Here's a few on my masterpieces :)


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